KiDz HuB (ATPS) Radio

Station Uptime: 12%

Radio Info

  • KiDz HuB (ATPS) Radio
  • Genre: Children's Topics & Stories
  • Language: English
  • Location: Jamaica

Radio Details

KiDz HuB ATPS Radio is located in Kingston Jamaica, at the Allman Town Primary School. The Allman Town Primary School is also the home to a KiDz HuB Media KluB with approximately 20 members and a child executive that oversees the radio Station. ATPS Radio is the first ever radio station to be established in a primary school in jamaica West Indies and is a part of the KiDz HuB Media Network’s Official pilot project in Jamaica, along with The Portmore Missionary Preparatory School.AboutKiDz HuB Media Network mentor youths to be junior broadcasters and in turn, provides a platform for them to express themselves through a network of media outlets.MissionTo improve literacy of youth across the world.To provide a platform for youth to express themselves.To support kids, tween and teens, in life skills to be successful in the future.Company OverviewKiDz HuB Media Network is a non for profit created to equip kids, tweens and teens with communication skills. With these skills, we provide a platform, through our network of radio stations for them to express themselves, to the world.
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