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Radio Marquis de Sade

AAA Radio, Alternative Rock, Industrial, Metal 04 Mar 16 0

Ganz viel Rock´n´Roll, Rock, Punk Rock, Hard Rock, Alternativ Rock, Indie Rock, Folk & Jazz Rock, Psychodelic Rock, Hard Rock und noch mehr.
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ORS Radio – Alternative Rock

AAA Radio 04 Mar 16 0

On Alternative Rock we bring you some of the best rock tunes for you to enjoy. Prepare to be blown away by our great selection of some alt-rock classics, as well as some recent alt-rock hits!
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Lightning 100

AAA Radio, Rock 01 Mar 16 0

Nashville’s only Independent Radio, an advocate local music and businesses for over 22 years
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AAA Radio, Classic Rock, Eclectic 25 Feb 16 0

We play music which we believe is a greater reflection of the past 60 Years Or Rock & Roll than you will hear anywhere else, and produce several specialist shows covering eras and genres from the ’50s to today. We all have backgrounds in music radio and we believe in the music we play – which is extremely rare elsewhere in radio now!
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AAA Radio, Alternative Rock, College Radio 21 Feb 16 0

WLRA regularly plays a wide variety of music including Alternative/Rock, R&B/Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, 80’s, Island and Country.
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AAA Radio 20 Feb 16 0

After seven or more years of trying to purchase a terrestrial radio station I finally gave up the ghost. It’s time to try this new “Internet” thing that seems to be all the is being brought to you by a small band of renegades who are passionate about “our” brand of music. The kind of music once found on its predecessors of Super 107, KCGL, KRP and KJQN. Not only did it once change the musical landscape of Utah, it to this day is being discovered as “new” by the generations after Generation X.We had the people of this state in mind when was conceived and created. We will fill a niche that has been overlooked for years by playing the New Wave artists and their song catalogues that took root and flourished here. In the future we hope to offer this on a larger scale by way of a traditional radio frequency… Hey, it’s good to have goals.We hope to bring back the days when you hopped on the scoot and tooled on over to Bandaloops for some coffee before jetting to Twelve Oaks for some dancing!Join us as we are “stayin’ alive in ’85!”
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Ocean 98.1

AAA Radio 19 Feb 16 0

Enjoy the Best of Rock radio in Ocean City Maryland at Irie Radio, Ocean 98.1 FM WOCM. Join Bulldog and crew, streaming live audio and video online from Seacrets in Ocean City MD. Don’t miss the Rude Awakening morning show and fun podcasts.
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104.3 fmX

AAA Radio 12 Feb 16 0

Playing the best quality rock you grew up from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and today’s best new adult rock without the really hard stuff.
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