U-Rock Radio

Station Uptime: 100%

Radio Info

  • U-Rock Radio
  • Genre: Indie, Punk, Rock
  • Language: English
  • Location: Linwood, PA 19061, USA

Radio Details

Urock Radio is the premier place to hear up and coming bands that can write a song or two and deserve exposure, it’s also the home to great rock music long forgotten by corporate marketing fads!! Urock Radio has no preference too style of rock, metal, progressive, indie, punk, garage, revival, 50′, 60’s, 70’s rock, we spin all styles, Like I said if it Rocks, We play it. Urock Radio Started December 13, 1999 on the then six month old Live365. Since then we have seen many changes that we had expected with internet radio. Right now we are one of the longest running stations as well as being Philadelphia’s First internet Rock Radio station. Our playlist contains music from bands, songwriters and lyrics that share an enthusiasm for Rock and Roll music. Urock Radio’s desire is to support these musicians anyway possible. Besides Urock Radio, The Urock Network utilizes all the latest social networking websites to promote the cause and is available on the mobile broadband as well, including Apple’s iTunes and the Blackberry, Tune In Now and Enjoy.
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