Trek Radio

Station Uptime: 96%

Radio Info

  • Trek Radio
  • Genre: Soundtracks, Sci-Fi
  • Language: English
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Radio Details

STO-Radio is owned and operated by the Zach Nicodemous, Executive Producer of Hailing Frequency. Hailing Frequency is a Star Trek Gaming website that has been running since 2005. In June 2010, he announced the newest venture Star Trek Radio; a dedicated 24/7 radio station. The vision for STO-Radio will see us increasing the immersiveness of the gamers inside of Star Trek Online – and as such, our schedule not only features popular music, but also has regular features from you, the gamer and regular reports about what is happening inside of Star Trek Online, Road Reports, Mission Reports, Reports from the Frontlines, Fleet Events, STO Events and more!In addition, we syndicate various Star Trek podcasts such as Red Shirt Army, STO:Ked, Hailing Frequency and STOKast bringing further quality talk-show style content onto the STO-Radio network. Likewise, we syndicate many Star Trek audio fictions. ST Outpost, Section 31, and ST Defiant are in current rotation on our station schedule. Coming soon are ST The Continuing Mission, ST Excelsior, ST Pioneer, and ST Lost Frontier. Each week, our team of DJs along with our partners, broadcast live to the world of Star Trek Gaming with a variety of popular music and the latest entertainment news.
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