The Flash On Air

Station Uptime: 93%

Radio Info

  • The Flash On Air
  • Genre: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock
  • Language: English
  • Location: Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK

Radio Details

The Flash is a radio group based and developing in South Hampshire. We are offering persons aged 30 to 60 an alternative to the pop stations presently available in this area, by providing a refreshing diet of classic rock singles and album tracks from 1960 to 2000. Unlike other stations currently on air we know there is more to music than Maroon 5 and Rihanna, or even the same tired oldies repeated over and over again. Other radio stations seem obsessed by X Factor, The Voice and similar TV programmes, but you only need to visit a local pub to see real live talent, and South Hampshire has more than it’s fair share of talented musicians, bands and singers, many of whom have written and perform their own great music. We reflect this local talent within our output and promote such performances in the South Hampshire area.
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