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Founded in September of 2009 KalypsoRadio.com’s sole purpose is to expose all walks of life to the culture and music of the Caribbean. With islands such as St. Thomas, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Jamaica just to name a few all contributing to various types of music from Calypso to Soca to Zouk to Reggae we are a wealth of music poised to EXPLODE on the Music scene.There have been many cross over acts such as Lady Saw & Sean Paul from Jamaica as well as artists and writers Rock City straight out of the Virgin Islands whom have been performing since a very young age and won acclaim recently as the writers of the song “IF THIS ISN’T LOVE” and by Jennifer Hudson which consequently won her a grammy award in 2009.We can sit here and tell you about the many artists that come straight from the Caribbean or have direct roots such as Jennifer Lopez of Puerto Rican Parents, 50 Cent of Jamaican Decent, but we will let the music speak for itself.In short, KalypsoRadio.com’s goal it share as much of our culture and music with you so that you too will learn to love it as much as we do.
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