ChuckU Jukebox 50's

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  • ChuckU Jukebox 50's
  • Genre: 50's, Top 40/Pop, Rock
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  • Location: Charleston, SC, USA

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This is the grand-daddy of all Jukeboxes. The 50?s was the decade of the Jukebox. You can hear all your favorite sock hop, malt shop,and lover’s lane tunes. Playing all the classics from 1950 – 1959. This is the station that will introduce you to the earliest of Rock and Roll. The start of Elvis Presley, the decline in Swing, the start of Rockabilly, and those great rhythm and blues. ChuckU Jukebox 50?s doesn’t leave a song out, no dimes are necessary. Go way back and enjoy another fantastic station on the ChuckURadio website.Send song requests and suggestions to #chuckuradio via Twitter and Facebook.
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