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AOR Music, Indie Music, Punk 01 Mar 16 0

Das Webradio das euch den Alltag weg rockt! Wir spielen alles, was so richtig abrockt! Wir stehen nicht auf Schubladen, bei uns zählt nur der Rock. Damit wir uns auch gleich richtig verstehen, Extremisten brauchen erst gar nicht einschalten. RockSchockRadio gegen Extremismus!
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RPR1 Rock

Alternative Rock, AOR Music, Classic Rock 25 Feb 16 0

Rocken Sie bei der Arbeit oder in Ihrer Freizeit bei E-Gitarren und Headbanging inklusive!
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AOR Music 17 Feb 16 0

commercial-free Album-oriented rock station featuring literally thousands of tracks from The Beatles to Avenged Sevenfold (and all the rock in-between)
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AOR Music, Metal, Rock 31 Jan 16 0

The Loudest Dot Com on the Planet!
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New Normal Rock

Alternative Rock, AOR Music, Metal 16 Jan 16 0

Newer Faster Harder Rock 24/7!
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Big PopRockItaly

AOR Music 30 Dec 15 0

The best poprock made in Italy. Lucio Battisti, Umberto Tozzi, Edoardo Bennato, Claudio Baglioni, Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Pooh, Pfm and others are in the playlist!
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80's Music, 90's Music, AOR Music 30 Dec 15 0

Created by radio people, Flashbackradio.fm is a new station in Mexico City. You can hear 80s, 90s and some actual hits.Flashbackradio.fm takes out your memories.
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AOR Music 25 Dec 15 0

The best melodic rock songs from the 80’s and more. Bad English, Journey, Foreigner, Heart, Loverboy, Night Ranger, Survivor, Boston and others are the artists in the playlist.
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AOR America

Americana and Alternative Country, AOR Music, Blues 17 Dec 15 0

AOR America is a Non-Profit Internet Music Station
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Classic Rock 1

AOR Music, Classic Rock 17 Dec 15 0

Playing the best of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s with the best of today!
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Hard Rock 80

AOR Music, Classic Rock, Metal 11 Dec 15 0

La radio 100% Hard Rock! … Le hard dans tous ses états ! …
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